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We are very proud here at Zonofy to present our new music talent discovery and video entertainment platform! It has been in the pipeline for some time and now it is finally here! We are very excited about the launch of this platform and hope it will be received well by you. It is our opinion that a platform such as this has been missing for quite a while now.

It is our aim, in time, to make Zonofy the number one place for every music lover out there to get together and listen to great music videos, for the lucky ones to share their music talent and for everybody to just come together about their passion for music.

Enjoy the great videos uploaded by our users, be inspired, give feedback and cast your vote. Check out our music “dating” community and find the artist for your band or song/production. You are also more than welcome to post and discuss music related subjects on our music forum.

Zonofy offers a great deal of advantages which right now is very difficult to find in just one place anywhere on the Internet. Learn more about this in the interview above with the lead singer of Artillery - one of Europe’s earliest exponents of thrash metal - Michael Bastholm Dahl.

Welcome to Zonofy!

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