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Hello Zonofy Members, 



As you may have noticed there has been several changes within Zonofy. We want to get the word out there about Zonofy to more people. Spread the word!


Also we are wanting to expand into more radio play so that it benefits our Zonofy members.




The more music and video that is being played from our site the better it can be for our artist. 



That being said, we are looking to create, develop and broadcast more of our Zonofy music, so if you are out there and have your own radio station, or work at a radio station and are in need of playing content, let us know we would be glad to provide you with a playlist of songs.


Shoot us an email and lets talk about it, and make it happen.  



Remember its all about being discovered...and being Zonofied!




Investor Relations



Being that Zonofy is the world's first crowd-sourced music talent discovery and video entertainment platform!


We are excited that we see much more interest from around the globe. With that being said. We are happy to announce that real soon. We will be adding additional and pertinent information area.


This page will serve to answer questions and provide documents when available for people interested in investing in Zonofy.


If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact us by email at:


zThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




send it to our address:


Afinastar / Zonofy

847 N HWY 49 #2







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